Healthy Births, Sustainable Jobs

DoulaID is a grassroots project that is helping address the maternal mortality disparity crisis in Baltimore by connecting doulas to sustainable income and increasing access of Medicaid-eligible mothers to doula services.

Check out the DoulaID Informational Video

DoulaID connects community doulas to other doulas and resources in Baltimore.  DoulaID keeps doulas up-to-date with the latest information about Maryland Medicaid and helps advocate for a better benefit. Get connected here to join the Doula Alliance of Maryland (DAM).

DoulaID engages with Baltimore community doula organizations to support culturally congruent doulas to help address the maternal mortality crisis. 

Medicaid recently added reimbursement for doula services (up to $1447/birth). This funding is a key part of the solution to the maternal mortality inequity. DoulaID will help accelerate the number of doula registered with Medicaid.

The DoulaID app will help doulas navigate the complexities of a healthcare system built for doctors. DoulaID will guide users through the education, certification, networking, and payment process. DoulaID will also help birthing individuals connect with culturally congruent doulas. 

The DoulaID app will empower doulas and users to focus on what really matters: healthy births and babies.